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  • Offensive and Defensive Play-by-Play Patterns


A Shift in the Top Dynasty Running Backs

Previously, I wrote about the movement of the rise and fall of the top dynasty wide receivers. While it is true ...
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Is George Kittle Legit?

Having read the title, you might think this will be a ridiculous article that is just going to tell you ...
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Noah Fant: Fantasy Scouting Report

Recently, the Iowa Hawkeyes have been turning into "Tight End U". The Hawkeyes have recently produced tight ends Dallas Clark ...
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FFStatistics Division Breakdown Part 3/8 – AFC East

The AFC East When 2018 started I think we all knew who would end up on top with the other ...
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The Taylor Effect

The trend of young coaching hires continues with the Bengals announcement of Zac Taylor as the 10th head coach in ...
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Dwayne Haskins: Fantasy Scouting Report

The 2019 draft class is not particularly known for its quarterback supremacy. Feelings of Deja Vu linger as I am ...
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