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FFStatistics Film Review: Saquon Barkley

There was a lot of questions thrown around when the New York Giants drafted Saquon Barkley second overall in this year’s draft. Probably much deserved as they clearly need a quarterback. For those of us fortunate enough to watch Thursday Night Football you weren’t necessarily treated to a great game. You did see a great individual effort from the young rookie phenom though.

Saquon Barkley: Week 6 Film Review

Very few Running Backs in the league can do what Barkley did on Thursday night. Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott, LeVeon Bell, Alvin Kamara, David Johnson…. I’m running out of names here. The point is this was a special performance and i hope you were able to see it live. Maybe you weren’t though. For that reason, I’m going back to review the tape and tell you if the numbers match the film from my perspective. I am excited for this one and I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan if that tells you anything. So lets get started. First of all, let’s see his final line…

The Week 6 Performance

  • 28.9 Standard Fantasy Points, 37.9 PPR (Point Per Reception) Points, 33.4 Half Point PPR Points
  • 13 Rush Attempts, 130 Yards, Caught 9/12 Targets, 99 Yards, 1 TD (22 Total Touches, 229 Yards)
  • 10.00 Yards Per Carry, 11.00 Yards per Reception, 10.41 Yards Per Touch, 27.91% Target Share 

Barkley was able to ring up his second hundred yard rushing day as a pro in prime time for everyone to see, It was Sequon or bust in this game. Furthermore, he did it against the number two ranked rushing defense in the league through the first five weeks of 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles came into week 6 allowing a minuscule 66.4 Yards per Game (Y/G) at a 3.4 average. Prior to week 6, the Eagles were only 2.4 Y/G Behind the Chicago Bears for the league lead. These two teams are the only defense’s allowing less then 87.8 Y/G. Certainly, they haven’t face a list of Hall of Famer’s this year but 66.4 Y/G is nothing to sneeze at. So below is the heat map the the Eagles rush defense…

…and as you can see the Eagles front 7 isn’t giving up much on the ground except around the right side. Shouldn’t the Giants’of tried to attack the Eagles 23rd ranked pass defense? (Green – Red = Most – least)

While the Giants did try to throw the ball (Eli Manning had 43 attempts) their QB had a season low in completion percentage at 55.81%. In contrast, his Weeks 1 – 5 average completion percentage is 71.66%. Hence, he was consistently inconsistent with his accuracy by over and under throwing receivers all game. This was an all around ugly game from Eli. With the combination of the Eagles, early season struggles in pass defense and the weapons the Giants have on offense there should of been points in the Giants passing game. So Barkley should be the one that struggled on the ground. But we can never predict game flow and this one did a 180 from what a lot of people’s thought the flow would be.

The Week 6 Game Film

Opportunities – Redzone Opportunities in Bold Italic/ Big Plays in Bold / ^Completed Targets / *Incomplete Targets – (Time /Location /Down & Distance /Yards Gained /Location /Result /Broken Tackles /Air Yards – for targets)

I’ll be going over all of Barkley’s Week 6 opportunities. His Rush attempts, Targets and Receptions. Also, i’ll give a few notes on the rest of his game. Pass blocking, hustle plays, exct. i’m here to do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

First Quarter

Barkley started the game spread out wide and looked to be the first read but coverage was solid. The first action Saquon saw was on the second play of the game. Eli Manning’s pass was a little behind the intended target and the line backer was able to get a hand in and pop the ball up for a deflected interception. Barkley showed hustle in being able to force the ball carrier out of bounds. This won’t show up on the stats but it speaks highly for the player in general.

First Quarter Opportunities

  1. 13;15 / Own 25 /1st and 10 /4 Yard Rush /Own 29 /2nd and 6 – The defense filled the hole and Barkley did a good job cutting left and driving through two tacklers for as much as he could get.
  2. ^12:33 / Own 29 /2nd and 6 /7 Yard Rec. /Own 36/ First Down – A good catch on a ball that was a little off target. He showed good power through contact to pick up the first down.
  3. 11:50 / Own 36 /1st and 10 /46 Yard Rush /Phi 18 /First Down – On this play the Giants started in a three wide receiver set. One wide to the left with a slot receiver inside. One wide out on the right side along with the tight end. The WR on the right came in motion tight to the line. At the snap, the TE and the motioning wide out blocked down on the Line Backer (LB) and the Left Guard (LG) pulled around the right side to kick out another Eagles LB. The Blocking worked as planned here and a lane was opened up for Saquon. He quickly accelerated through the hole and two arm tackles and ran down the right sideline until an Eagles defender caught him. So this run was pretty well blocked and a slower back might not of been able to split the two tackle attempts but It was a very good run with a great burst through the hole.
  4. 6:12 / Own 1 /2nd and 18 /3 Yard Rush /Own 4 /3rd and 15 – He had to accelerate quickly after the hand off here. Two defenders came in and were able to get a hand on the Giants RB before he crossed the line of scrimmage. One of the lineman was able to wrap up and Barkley proceeded to drag him for a couple yards.
  5. 1:28 / Own 25 /1st and 10 /No Gain /Own 25 /2nd and 10 – This play was blown up from the start. Barkley did a good job just getting back to the line of scrimmage.

Second Quarter

Barkley had some Fantastic plays in this game. Most noteworthy in my opinion was his first touch of the second quarter. no, it wasn’t his longest of the day or the play he scored on. So why was it so great? The individual effort he put forth on this nine yard run was phenomenal. Also, he was motioned out wide in the second quarter. The more the Giants are willing to use their rookie RB out of the backfield the better. Before the good though there was a couple pass blocking mistakes in the second quarter. Fortunately for Barkley, they didn’t cost the team. This is something he will need to button up as we will see later though.

Second Quarter Opportunities

  1. 13:30 /Own 22 /1st and 10 /9 Yard Rush /Own 31 /2nd and 1 –  So Barkley used all the skills that made him the second overall pick this year on this play. His vision, patience, speed, balance, and strength were on display for this one. This was one of the few times if not the only time a fullback lined up in the “I” or “Offset I.” When Barkley received the hand off there was a hole in front of him. The Eagles Defensive End (DE) put a good rush on and forced the Giants Left Tackle (LT) into the young RBs face. Barkley cuts hard to the right to slip an arm tackle. Due to this slight hold up the original hole the blocking made is now being filled by two defenders. He works his way through traffic then jump cuts hard back to the left slipping the arms of a diving Eagle DB. Immediately he hurdles another diving Eagles DB. No sooner then his feet hit the ground there’s another potential tackler in his face. He proceeds to put his head down and steam role this unfortunate man. All of this for nine yards.
  2. 12:54 /Own 31 /2nd and 1 /6 Yard Rush /Own 37 /First Down – Again a show of strength on this run as Barkley was met by two players at the line which he powered through for a First Down.
  3. ^10:40 /Own 32 /3rd and 15 /7 Yard Rec. /Own 39 /4th and 8 – He showed good power at the end to get what he could here.
  4. *8:14 /Own 32 /1st and 10 /Incomplete Pass/ Own 32 /2nd and 10 – He bails out Manning here when there was a heavy rush. The pass wasn’t complete but the end result was not a sack.
  5. ^8:06 /Own 32 /2nd and 10 /55 Yard Rec. /Phi 18 /First Down – Another play that he put all his skills on display was this screen pass. Using his speed to out run the first defender, then weave through some traffic. He followed his convoy of blockers up the sideline. One Eagle defender slipped in and Barkley breaks his tackle attempt. Another defender jumps on Saquons. The powerful back is able to swing the other man off and keep chugging.
  6. ^6:57 /Phi 18 /3rd and 15 /9 Yard Rec. /Phi 9 / /4th and 6 (Roughing the passer called, automatic first down.) -Barkley was only a check down option on this particular play, yes. It is still a Redzone Target though.
  7. 6:39 /Phi 4 /1st and Goal /1 Yard Rush /Phi 3 /2nd and Goal – This play went nowhere fast as the Eagles DE blew the LG backwards into Barkley’s lap. So what did he do? Well, another hard cut and he was able to gain a yard.
  8. 4:16 /Own 25 /2nd and 10 /No Gain /Own 25 /3rd and 10 – He was stopped by a great play by the defensive linemen.
  9. 1 ;01 /Phi 36 /1st and 10 /2 Yard Rush /Phi 34 /2nd and 8 – He Got what was blocked. Not much.

Third Quarter

In the third quarter, the Eagles pretty much sat on the ball. The Giants had possession for all of two minuets and 32 seconds. I guess if your only going to have it for five plays then make um count. Barkley only had 3 touches but he did just that with his final carry of the quarter.

Third Quarter Opportunities

  1. 8:09 /Own 36 /1st and 10 /1 Yard Rush /Own 37 /2nd and 9 – Probably the only time Barkley was knocked backwards.
  2. ^7:31 /Own 37 /2nd and 9 /4 Yard Rec. /Own 41 /3rd and 5 – The blocking was not to great on all this screen pass.
  3. 6:19 / 50 Yard Line /1st and 10 /50 Yard Rush /TD – The middle was jammed up on this run. So he bounced outside. Then Barkley turned on the burners. He split 3 defenders and ran away from everyone for the score.

Fourth Quarter

In the fourth quarter, the Giants were clearly in come back mode. Saquon was a big benefactor of this. The excellent pass catcher received 6 Targets in the Fourth Quarter. He was able to haul in four of them.

So do you remember i said Barkley would have to clean up his pass blocking a little. Here is where it reared its head. When trailing in the Fourth Quarter it’s essential to hold those blocks. Everything is magnified at the end of the game. With about 13:00 minuets left in the Fourth Barkley let a man through to the backfield. Furthermore, that man ended up sacking his QB.

Fourth Quarter Opportunities

  1. *14:45 /Own 27 /1st and 10 /Incomplete Pass /Own 27 /2nd and 10 – Manning was in the clutches of the defense. He threw the ball at Barkley’s feet to avoid a sack.
  2. ^13:38 /Own 40 /2nd and 10 /Rec. No Gain /Own 40 /3rd and 10 – The defender sniffed this screen pass out right away. Great open field tackle by the Philly LB.
  3. ^10:08 /Own 37 /1st and 10 /2 Yard Rec. /Own 39 /2nd and 8 – This was a poor throw by Manning. Barkley had to go to the ground to catch it.
  4. 9:43 /Own 39 /2nd and 8 /7 Yard Rush /Own 46 /3rd and 1 – Lined up next to Manning in the shotgun, Barkley runs the draw play here as good as you can… Until he trips over his feet before the first down. There was more to be had here.
  5. 9:19 /Own 46 /3rd and 1 /1 Yard Rush /Own 47 /First Down – A tough 1 yard run to move the chains.
  6. ^8:56 /Own 47 /1st and 10 /9 Yard Rec. /Phi 44 /2nd and 1 – So this was another example of Barkleys shiftiness. and burst. Two Eagles looked to be in good shape to make the tackle. Then the Giants RB cut right and turned up the accelerator. He was able to outrun two defenders and run out of a tackle attempt. He also pushed another defender back and almost picked up the first down.
  7. *6:13 /Phi 11 /1st and 10 /Incomplete Pass /Phi 11 /2nd and 10 – Manning tried to force it to his backfield mate at the goal line. He was double covered.
  8. ^6:08 /Phi 11 /2nd and 10 /6 Yard Rec. /Phi 5 /3rd and 4 – Finally his last touch of the day. This one a flat route. He broke the first tackle before two more Eagles take him down. It’s only fitting that he finished the day with another forced missed tackle.

Final Thoughts

So from what i saw in the Week 6 film, i can tell you one thing. This kid is GOOD! Something special! It appears that he is not just a NFL Combine celebrity. Barkley is on a current pace for over 100 receptions. Also, he has already passed the Giants rookie RB record for catches. He is one of those rare few that seem to never get hit backwards. To be on the field as much as he is says a lot about what the team thinks of him in pass pro. He did have a few mistakes in this game but that will happen. The athletes he faces every week are better then he has ever went against. In contrast though…

…He is the highest graded RB to come out of college. if anyone can handle it, it’s Barkley. All in all though the New York Giants rookie is a fantastic all around RB. In Dynasty you need to try and get him. in Redraft… Get him. Whatever format you play, he will be a good one for your team for years to come. Baring injury he shouldn’t slow down.

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