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FFStatistics Trade Update: Amari Cooper

FFstatistics Trade Update: Amari To Dallas

The Effect On the Cowboys And Raiders

Before Week 7 came to a close a big-time deal was done between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders that sent Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for a 2019 first round pick. To say the reaction to this was, say “enthusiastic” would be an understatement. Whether people thought it was a good deal or a complete rip-off for the Cowboys, people were not shy about expressing their opinions. The majority of people thought it was not a good deal for Dallas at all.

Anonamys: “It’s like paying $179 for a t-shirt you can buy at Target for $12…”

Anonamys: “Gruden fleeces the Cowboys.”

Anonomys: “Did the Cowboys actually trade a 1st round pick for Amari Cooper? WTF!”

My Initial Reaction

I did an instant reaction to this trade That can be found on and here are a few of my thoughts the day of the trade…

  1. As a Cowboys fan, I was excited about the potential but not happy with the price. I thought about and decided if Cooper can be what he was the first two years of his career, A top WR would possibly be worth a first-round pick. I loved him as a player but was scared of the inconsistency but attribute a lot of that to the quarterback. In my opinion, Carr is a less than average QB that will at times throw open receivers into coverage because he doesn’t have the arm to get it there with any zip on the ball.
  2. Amari Cooper is an elite route runner.
  3. Cooper is a WR2/3 Going Foward
  4. When he gets targets, he performs. When he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Hmm…
  5. Big Downgrade for everyone in Oakland – Carr loses his best weapon. The targets go up for the other wideouts but the coverage will shift now, Amari drew the most attention. Cook should remain the same somewhat. a possible uptick in targets. Downgrade for the run game as they can focus more on stopping the ground attack without an explosive wideout to cover.
  6. This should allow Zeke to feast as all the attention can’t be paid to him.
  7. Big upgrade for Dak as he gets an elite weapon.

Each team has played four games since the trade happened. Let’s see how they’re doing.

Oakland Raiders Update- Weeks 8-11 Record (1-3)

The Oakland Raiders have been a model of consistency this year. They have been consistently bad all year and the Amari Cooper didn’t do anything to help. Not this year at least. we will see during the draft what the Cooper trade does for the Raiders. The team seems like it’s actively not trying to win by the moves that have been made this year. I never want to say a player has quit but it can’t be very exciting for the Raiders players to be on the field this year. Let’s see what they have done since Amari left.

D. Carr

Here’s where Carr has thrown the ball in his career. Just for context.

Weeks 1-7

  • Completed 27.8/38.8 Attempts for 297.2 Yards and 1.2 Touchdowns and 1.14 Interceptions (7 Passing/ 0 Rushing) 7.65 Yards per Attempt

Weeks 8-11

  • Completed 20/29.5 Attempts for 212.5 Yards and 1.5 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions  (5 Passing, 1 Rushing), 7.2 Yards per Attempt

Literally, every stat about has gone down since the Amari Cooper trade, Everything but his interceptions. First of all, he’s throwing the ball less so less opportunity and he’s throwing the ball shorter on average then he was. The longer the throw the more opportunity.

The Running Backs

Combined averages –M. Lynch, D. Martin, and J. Richard

Weeks 1-7

  • 29.8 Touches per Game, 141.5 Yards per Game, Caught 8.4/10 Targets, 0.5 TD/G, 4.75 Yards per Touch

Weeks 8-11

Combined Averages – D. Martin and J. Richard

  • 23.6 Touches per Game, 143.3 Yards per Game, Caught 6.8/7.5 Targets, 0.0 TD/G, 6.07 Yards per Touch

The Backs have actually become more efficient but this could have something to do with the 22.22% of the time that Marshawn Lynch faced 8= men in the box. in comparison, Martin is seeing a loaded box on only 9.21% of his snaps.

The Wide receivers

A. Cooper

  • Weeks 1-7 – Caught 3.7/5.3 Targets, 46.7 Yards per Game, 0.2 TD/G 12.73 Yards per Reception, 8.73 Yards per Target, 13.65% Target Share

Cooper had two 100 yard games. They were the only two games he had more than 5 Targets (10-12). Over Cooper’s career, he needs volume. The difference between the production in games with 8+ Targets if he gets volume he will produce.

J. Nelson

  • Weeks 1-7 – Caught 3.7/5.2 Targets, 53,8 Yards per Game, 0.5 TD/G, 14.68 Yards per Reception, 10.42 Yard per Target
  • Weeks 8-11 (two full games) – Caught 3/8 Targets, 30 Yards per Game, 0.0 TD/G 10.0 Yards per Reception, 4.29 Yards per Target

M. Bryant  

  • Weeks 1-7 – Caught 2.2/4.8 Targets, 44 Yards per Game, 0.0 TD/G, 15.71 Yards per Reception, 10.48 Yards per Target
  • Weeks 8-11 (two full games) – Caught 2.5/2.5 Targets, 23 Yards per Game, 0.0 TD/G, 9.2 Yards per Receptions, 9.2 Yards per Target

The receivers have seen a bib time drop in their yards per target and yards per reception, One would think that Martavis Bryant should still be able to stretch a defense and help open up the underneath stuff… at the least… Nelson has seen the effects of the attention of the defense shifting. The rest of the receivers are not viable fantasy options either. Seth Roberts and Brandon LaFell have the only two TDs for the WRs since the trade.

The Tight end

J. Cook

  • Weeks 1-7 – Caught 5.3/7.2 Targets, 66.7 Yards per Game, 0.3 TD/G, 12.5 Yards per Reception, 9.3 Yards per Target
  • Weeks 8-11 – Caught 3.3/5.5 Targets, 44.3 Yards per Game, 0.5 TD/G, 12.62 Yards per Reception, 8.05 Yards per Target

Cook has seen his numbers drop but fortunately has still scored 2/4 receiving TDs for the team. In the land of tight end, he is still a viable option.

Dallas Cowboys Update- Weeks 8-12 Record (3-1)

As bad as the Raiders have been since the trade took place, the Dallas Cowboys have been about equally as good. The Cowboys took a tough loss in the first game coming off the Bye when they took on the Titans. They lost that game 28-14 but since that point, they’ve gone 3-0. They won two tough road games and then came back home for the holiday to handle Washington. The Boys had only scored more than 22 points in a game twice prior to this stretch. They have met that mark or passed it in all three of the wins. So, they’ve been winning, How are the Fantasy relevant players doing though?

D. Prescott

Here’s where Dak has thrown the ball in his career. Just for context.

Weeks 1-7 – Completed 18.3/29.4 Attempts for 202.4 Yards and 1.1 TDs and 0.6 Int, 5.7 Rush Attempts for 33.7 Yards and 0.3 TDs

Weeks 8-12 – Completed 22.8/32.5 Targets for 252.5 Yards and 1.3 TDs and 0.3 Int, 4.5 Rush Attempts for 10.8 yards and 0.8 TDs

Dak is throwing more and running less and it,s working. The o-line being able to protect him better added with him starting to get rid of the ball faster with receivers being able to get open more often. Zeke has also given him a more than reliable dump off threat. He is still running but using it more in short-yardage and goal-line situations.


Weeks 1-7 – 22.5 Touches per Game, 113.4 Yards per Game, Caught 3.6/5.1 Targets, 0.5 TD/G, 5.04 Yards per Touch

Weeks 8-12 – 26.8 Touches per Game, 160.8 Yards per Game, Caught 5.5/6.5 Targets, 1 TD/G, 6.0 Yards per Touch

Zeke has seen a boost in everything since Cooper got there. He’s doing this much more all the while facing a higher percentage of 8+ man boxes. before Amari, he faced a loaded box 0n 24.24% of the plays and since it’s actually gone up to 26.73%. This kind of blew my mind.

A. Cooper

Weeks 8-12 – Caught 5.5/8 Targets, 87.3 Yards per Game, 0.8, TD/G, 15.86 Yards per Reception, 10.91 Yards per Target, 24.6% Target Share

The man of the hour on Thanksgiving Day. See what happens when he commands a target share. Cooper also leads the Cowboys in end zone targets since his arrival.

The Other Wide Receivers

C. Beasley

  • Weeks 1-7 – Caught 4.7/6.1 Targets, 50 Yards per Game, 0.3 TD/G, 10.61 Yards per Reception, 8.14 Yards per Target
  • Weeks 8-11 – Caught3.3/4.5 Targets, 27.3 Yards per Game, 0.0 TD/G, 8.38 Yards per Reception, 6.06 Yards per Target

Beasley Is no longer more than just a slot receiver. He has dropped a touchdown on an end zone target though.

Michael Gallup and Allen Hurns

Gallup has seen his target rise from 3.1 to five a game but has been unreliable when it comes to catching the ball. Hurns has seen his targets drop from four a game to one. Neither of the wideouts or any of the others are really viable options for fantasy.

The Tight End

This just hasn’t been a viable position to think about for fantasy all year. Strange for a team that relied so heavily on Jasen Witton for so long. Free Rico Gathers… Maybe… He is a 6’6″ 282 Lb tight end. They see him every day and if Lamar Miller has taught us anything, sometimes the guys that see them practice do know some stuff. Everyone thought Miller needed more work and I think we’ve seen he was a more effective back with the limited role. Maybe the Cowboys coaches are not using him for a reason we’re not seeing.

Final thoughts

I have to say when the trade happened, I was more than concerned as a Cowboys fan that this was just going to be another Roy Williams situation. Except one where the Boys gave up a first-round pick. After these past couple weeks, I think we’ve seen how positive the effect has been on the team. People are starting to say, huh, Maybe not such a bad deal if this is what they’re getting. Now the boys need to lock him up for a few years and in the draft we will see what the Raiders are able to get in the draft and then we will see the true winner of the deal.

Here is the link to my original article.

Amari Cooper Trade Reaction And Breakdown

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