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Rushing Report: Early 2019 Prospects (Part 1)

With 2018 now in the rearview mirror, its time we start to look forward to 2019 and what it may have to offer. If you’re familiar with my Rushing Report series than you’ll be happy to know it’s being extended into the offseason! With the fantasy community quickly pivoting to dynasty and draft talk, its only right that I do as well.

The first of this series will feature a few guys that I’m keeping an eye on at the RB position. It’s still very early in the process but these are guys who have caught my attention already. This will be an introduction to get you familiar with some RB prospects in 2019. All of which I believe will be relevant come time for your rookie dynasty drafts.

Early 2019 Prospects (Part 1)

Disclaimer: All evaluations are based on tape and also mix in statistical analysis to give you guys (the reader) a better understanding of what type of players these guys are. These are solely my opinions on some prospects iv evaluated early. This is NOT final, but more of a starting point for you guys to dive in on.

Benny Snell – RB, Kentucky

Snell is one of my favorite RB prospects of 2019. Physically this kid is a monster. He sits at 5’11 – 225 lbs and boy does he carry it well. Snell is a strong one-cut power RB that can hit any gap between the tackles with force. Paired with his power is the instinct of very good vision. Snell excels at finding a hole with his vision and using his power to move through the open gap. Although a power runner, Snell is not a great tackle breaker. However, he does an exceptional job at using strong contact balance to fight for extra yards when he needs to. Snell’s frame also bodes well in pass protection. He does a good job at diagnosing incoming defenders and using his strength to give his QB enough time to throw.

Snell came into Kentucky as a true freshman and racked up 1091 yards and 13 rushing TDs. He has since built on that success ending his three-year college career with 3,873 rushing yards and 48 TDs through his jr year. Despite his rushing success in college, Snell did not display much receiving production at Kentucky. He showed at times he does have capable hands but lacked the quickness and speed to be effective in the passing game.  Snell is easily one of the best pure runners of this class. In today’s NFL that may not be enough to get him drafted early though. Snell will be a prospect for fantasy owners to watch come combine time. I do not anticipate him to test above average in any area that has to do with speed and agility, which will likely be a huge knock on him come draft season.

David Montgomery – RB, Iowa State

Loved by many in the fantasy community, Montgomery is one of the easier RBs to get behind in this draft class. Montgomery is a 5’11, 222 lb back that uses an elite combination of contact balance and elusiveness to be a very well rounded RB. He also displays good vision and patience while behind the line of scrimmage. He has a knack for being effective in waiting for a hole to open and using exceptional vision to exploit it. Montgomery does an exceptional job at using his offensive line as leverage to buy time while he waits for an opening. His lateral ability is a major part in him being able to be as patient as he is. Montgomery also excels very well in pass protection.

Montgomery came into Iowa St. and had a slightly underwhelming season only rushing for 563 yds and 2 TDs. He did have 13 receptions for 129 yds his freshmen season, flashing the ability to catch though. Montgomery followed up his freshman season with a phenomenal sophomore campaign. He which he rushed for 1,146 yds and 11 TDs on the ground. He also flashed his versatility as a pass catcher hauling in 36 receptions for 296 yds. His jr season was more of the same notching college career highs in yardage and TDs on the ground. Montgomery will be a fun kid to keep tabs on during combine and draft season. Many already have him pegged as their RB1 of this draft class and rightfully so. He will be a kid I can’t wait to come back and revisit.

Myles Gaskin – RB, Washington

Gaskin is one of the craftier RBs of this draft class. Sitting at 5’10 and under 200 lbs (193), he displays a unique combination of vision and decisiveness to be an effective RB. He displays good ability in sustaining balance after contact despite having a smaller frame. Gaskin has a really good “stop and go” ability that pairs well with good footwork. This largely enables him to be crafty in finding space and also getting to the edge when a hole doesn’t open between the tackles. While he does display good agility, his field vision is one of his most valuable assets as an RB. He uses angles and blocker leverage with his vision to set up runs very well.

Gaskin proved his worth and ended his four-year college stint at Washington as the schools all-time rushing leader AND TD scorer. He averaged 236 rushing attempts, 1,330 rushing yds and had 57 rushing TDs in 4 seasons with the Huskies. On the receiving end, he was slightly underwhelming for his size and skill set but did flash the ability to do so both out of the backfield and in the slot. He hovered around the 20 reception mark over the past 3 seasons and had at least one receiving TD in each of the past three seasons with Washington. People will likely point to his size as a red flag in the evaluation process. But fantasy owners know in recent years backs of smaller stature have had great success in today’s NFL. Fantasy owners have a lot about get excited about given Gaskins skill set and college production.

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As always, thank you for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed the latest installment of my Rushing Report. Stay tuned for some more 2019 rookie content and be sure to follow me on twitter @JesseReevesFF. For extended draft and incoming rookie talk, make sure to follow The Youth Movement Podcast on Twitter @FFYouthMovement!

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