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Jarrett Stidham: Fantasy Scouting Report

As we start to get closer to the 2019 NFL Draft it is important for us to start doing as much research into this class as we can, watch the tape, gather metrics from the combine and pro-days, and start to make a strategy for our rookie drafts.  At we are diving into those early numbers and tape to give you a good outlook on this year’s rookie class.  Here are my notes on Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

Draft Prospect: Jarrett Stidham

College: Auburn (transfer from Baylor)

Date of Birth: 8/8/1996 (23 years old going into the 2019 NFL season)

Height: 6-2

Weight: 214 lbs (BMI: 26.75)

Hand Size: 9 3/8 inches

College Production

Data courtesy CFB at

Traits Breakdown

Decision Making/ Progressions/ Aggressiveness

You can teach a quarterback to be less aggressive, but you can’t teach them to be more. Stidham has the aggressiveness I want out of my quarterbacks. He is willing to take shots downfield and will take the risk of fitting the football into small windows. This often gives Stidham problems with his decision making and has lead to meltdowns in highly stressful situations.


Stidham has a natural throwing motion. He displays an efficient and compact motion. When on the run or if his platform needs to be altered, Stidham’s mechanics stay relatively intact allowing him to get the ball out relatively quickly. Stidham’s throwing motion does not provide instant power, but on deeper throws, Stidham is able to load up and deliver on power throws when he has time.

Arm Strength

Stidham has the ability to vary his ball speed and knows how to deliver a strike with plenty of velocity. Downfield throws aren’t an issue for Stidham. He is able to drive the ball deep as needed and gets the ball deep enough to hit his pass-catchers in stride. The biggest downfall in this area is driving the ball outside the numbers.

Accuracy/ Ball Placement

Generally, Stidham is able to put the ball where he wants to. On short screenplays, the ball is delivered quickly and in stride for the player. This often allows his playmakers to gain yards after the catch. Also, there are examples of Stidham being able to hit all quadrants of the football field with proper placement and velocity.


There will be no confusion with Lamar Jackson, but Stidham does have adequate mobility. In game situations, Stidham slides well in the pocket and has enough escapability to extend plays when needed.

What the statistics tell us

Jarrett Stidham was a starter from a young age at Baylor (18 years old) and had a 68.8% completion percentage in ten games played. Even more impressive, Stidham posted a 6 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio as a Freshman at Baylor. His career trajectory was obviously disrupted by his transfer to Auburn since it also leads to a missed year. At Auburn, Stidham still posted a 3 to 1 touchdown to interception ration in two years starting and had over a 60% completion percentage both years. Furthermore, completion percentage and yards per attempt did see a drop from year one at Auburn to year two. This is concerning because you expect development but could be explained away by his loss of Kerryon Johnson and a shift of defensive focus by opposing teams.

Way Too Early Player Comps

Derek Carr (2014 Round 2)

Andy Dalton (2011 Round 2)

Overall Review

The road for Jarrett Stidham has been a bumpy one. Starting his career at Baylor, Stidham transferred after one season of starting and sat the 2016 season college football season. Before the 2018 college season started, Stidham was viewed as a first-round talent. People were throwing around phrases like “best passer in the nation”, “player to watch”, and “he will take the next step at Auburn”. Unfortunately, his 2018 regular season was underwhelming. Since then, Stidham has seen his stock fire up. Stidham had an impressive bowl game performance, throwing for almost 400 yards and five touchdowns, and showing well enough at the 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl.  

Overall, the word POTENTIAL is what I think of when watching Jarrett Stidham. He shows all of the traits you want, but he often times leaves you wanting more or scratching your head on why he did something. Current draft buzz has Stidham as a 2nd Round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. Putting Stidham into the context of this rookie draft class I would expect him to be QB4, after Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, and Daniel Jones.  This should make a likely late round rookie draft selection in dynasty rookie drafts.

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