What is the Coaching History Tool?

The Coaching History tool gives you the ability to research NFL Coaches (Offensive Coordinators and Head Coaches) using a variety of different metrics. Depending on your selection you can see how certain positions (QB’s, RB,s’ WR’s, and TE’s) have fared in fantasy football over the years under those NFL coaches.

How to use Coaching History

Once on the FFStatistics website you want to navigate to Data Analysis and then Coaching History tab. From there you want to select the metric you want to use to analyze the coach/position the NFL Coach you want to analyze from the drop-down menu. For this example, I chose my metric to be Fantasy Ranks, my coach to be Sean McVay, and my position to be WR1 & WR2.

Now that I have selected the data that I want to review,  I can look at the chart and data table below to review how WR1’s and WR2’s under McVay have fared in Fantasy Ranks over the last 4 seasons since McVay became an OC.

As we can see McVay has never had a WR finish above a WR2 finish in Fantasy Football. In fact, his WR’s are all productive but it’s clear that McVay does not feed just one 1 guy, he prefers to spread the ball around almost equally. Why is this important? Because we can apply this knowledge to drafts for guys like Brandin Cooks, Cooks is currently going as a top 40 player in ADP Dynasty Drafts and as the WR 13 overall. Knowing how McVay likes to use his WR’s, it’s very obvious that Brandin Cooks is being over drafted in 2018. I’d rather take a shot on Kupp or Woods who are being drafted at WR 35 and 36 respectively which makes them a far better value in Drafts.

Check out our Coaching History Tool now, on the “Data Analysis” page.

Contributed by Miguel Chapeton (@DynastyGuruFF on Twitter)

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