What is the Opportunity Ratio tool?

The Opportunity Ratio tool is an amazing feature we offer here at FFStatistics. This tool allows you to view the Point Per Opportunity (PPO) of a specific player of your choosing or compare the PPO of up to three players at a time.

How To Use the Opportunity Ratio

After coming to the FFStatistics page you’ll want to navigate your way to the ‘Data Analysis’ section in the FFStatstics Data Tools’ drop-down tab at the top of the page and then over to the Opportunity Ratio tool. Upon arrival, you’ll see the layout of the tool where you will have the ability to select up to three players to evaluate as well as the option to pick one of the three specific scoring formats (PPR, 1/2 PPR, Standard). For this example, I chose to compare the PPO of both Antonio Brown and Deandre Hopkins in 1/2 PPR scoring formats.

After selecting the players and scoring format id like to do my research on, I’m able to look at the chart and see the comparison between both players PPO over multiple years.

As we can see from the chart, both players have maintained a great PPO over their respective careers. However, Antonio Brown has maintained a higher PPO over a longer period of time than DeAndre Hopkins. Knowing how many points a player scores per opportunity can vastly help you determine what players will help you get the best return on your fantasy investments. This data can also be extremely useful to correlate with target share to help predict just how many points a player or players may average you in a single game, or even throughout an entire season.

Check out our Opportunity Ratio tool now, on the Data Analysis page.

Contributed by Jesse Reeves (@JesseReevesFS on Twitter)