What is the QB History Tool?

If you’re anything like the folks here at FFStatistics, you’ve often wondered how fantasy-relevant offensive positional groups perform under their corresponding QBs and if there’s a tool which lets you visualize/compare said performance. Well, look no further because the QB History tool on FFStatistics.com lets you do just that! This tool allows you to quickly view a variety of key metrics against different field generals and their corresponding offensive skill positions (RB, WR, TE) in a simple year over year trend plot

How to use QB History

To access the tool once you’re of the FFStatistics website you want to navigate to Data Analysis and then click the QB History tab. You can then select the metric type, quarterback, and positional group you wish to see trended out. In the example below, Figure 1, we have Fantasy Ranks as the metric, Drew Brees as the QB, and WR1 as the position.

Figure 1 shows us where  Brees’ WR1s have finished year over year (black dots). The chart also shows his average WR1 finish (blue line) compared to the league average (read line). As you can see, Brees has remarkably only had 4 seasons which resulted in a below league average WR1 finish. What’s even more impressive is that he’s consistently had an above league average WR1 finish. All despite having a below league average WR1 target share. Figure 2 below shows the below average WR1 target share for the prolific signal-caller

It seems that WR1s under Brees are either incredibly efficient with their targets or targeted at greater depths. At least relative to the average WR1. I’ll leave it up to the reader to use FFStatistics to investigate further as I make my concluding remarks. We have seen how we can use the QB tool to view metric trends in skill positions under different NFL signal callers. We also see how we can quickly see who’s above or below average.

In addition to the wonderful visuals that the tool provides, FFStatistics lets you download and play with the underlying data for free. Just hit the “Download QB History Data button” and have fun (yes, for free!!). You can use this tool and the other phenomenal resources on FFStatistics.com. Use them to gain insight that will help you make better-informed decisions in your fantasy league. Perhaps upcoming drafts, start/sit decisions, trades, or dynasty evaluations.

Check out our QB History Tool Now, on the “Data Analysis” page.

Contributed by Zeno Muscarella (@theDude_Z on Twitter)