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Addison Hayes

Creator and owner of FFStatistics. 

The man, the myth, the legend. Addison is the brains behind and a stat guru.

He also co-host's the FFStatistics Podcast with Tim Torch while maintaining the position of Rankings Administrator for 

Matthew Williams
Managing Editor | Head of Content

Managing Editor of FFStatistics.

Matt is also a Fantasy Sports analyst for, SportNation's Fake Teams, and Baseball Prospectus. You can find his rankings for the NFL, NBA, and MLB on FantasyPros. Matt is a video game ninja, an Iron Chef (in his own mind), and very competitive. Don't play Monopoly with him, he doesn't mess around. He provides amazing information and arguably decent opinions on fantasy sports. 

Favorite NFL Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite NBA Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Favorite MLB Team: New York Mets

Peter Howard
Writer | YouTube Content | Stat Ninja

Peter is a writer for DLF and their Arizona team reporter. He also writes and makes videos for FFstatistics and others.

Recently he started a new and exciting podcast Dynasty Crossroads with Jake Anderson @NFLDraftTalker

Tim Torch
Co-Host FFStatistics Podcast | Writer

Tim is the co-host of the FFStatistics and Under the Helmet Podcast.

He is also a contributor at and

Favorite NFL Team: Cleveland Browns

Zeno Muscarella
Writer | Data Nerd

Zeno is the quintessential math and data nerd. 

He grew up being a naturally curious person and realized early on that his curiosity always shined brightest when discussing anything analytical so he naturally gravitated towards math, data analysis, and programming.

Zeno is a late bloomer to the fantasy football world and didn’t join his first league until his last year in college but it was love at first draft and he’s been hooked ever since. Fast forward to today and Zeno is now an algorithms director for a Northern California marketing firm, but, he spends every non-working moment analyzing football data to help you be a better fantasy football player.

Favorite NFL Team: San Francisco 49ers

Favorite NBA Team: Golden State Warriors

Favorite MLB Team: San Francisco Giants

Michael Zingone

Michael is a writer for FFStatistics. He is also a fantasy football analyst/writer for  and is DLF's Detroit Lions team correspondent. Keenan Allen addict.

Josh Oliver

Josh was "unsure about my bio...... (I am) a very new writer and really don't have anything remarkable to put."

A man of few words.......and we hired him to be a writer. Trust us folks, it will be ok. 

Favorite NFL Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite NBA Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Favorite MLB Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

John Hogue

John is a content creator for FFStatistics and host of the  He is also a writer for  and a natural Dynasty strategist. 

Miguel Chapeton

Miguel is originally from San Francisco, CA but currently lives in Minnesota where he enjoys the city/outdoor lifestyle that Minneapolis has to offer. Miguel is also an avid NFL and Fantasy Football enthusiast with a particular love and focus on wide receivers.

He’s the creator of the Prospect Success Indicator used to measure incoming WR’s to the NFL. Miguel also contributes to @RotoUnderworld.

Favorite NFL Team: San Francisco 49ers

John Silseth

John is a CPA by day and football statistics analyst by night. He resides in Wisconsin and enjoys hiking, tennis, guitar, and of course, spreadsheets.

Favorite NFL team: Green Bay Packers (or whoever the Bears are playing)