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Peter Howard WR Production Report


A BREAKDOWN of 39 Rookie Wide Receivers eligible for the 2018 NFL Draft using Market Share and advanced analytics based on their College production.  Outside of draft capital, a players production in college is the most predictive and descriptive information we have to evaluate players.

  • Age Relative Market Share in Receptions, Yards, and Touchdowns
  • Breakout Age and historic trend in Hit rates
  • Hot Rate Indicator: a percentage likelihood a payer will finish in the top 24 (PPR)
  • College Dominator Metric
  • An analysis of each players production profile

Also included:

  • A breakdown of the analysis for each metric showing how predictive it has been since 2001
  • Links to other articles and resources for Market Share, player evaluation and more
  • Wide Receiver Rankings
  • Hit rate by Breakout age charts
  • Rookie “Big Board”

Will be updated up to and after the NFL draft with new information and analysis.

Peter Howard  (@pahowdy) writes for Dynasty League Football, he has also been published by PlayerProfiler, TwoQbs, and FantasyPros.



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